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Why not stay at home?

Getting a place at a National university is not guaranteed and can be expensive, in particular in England where high tuition fees (up to £9000/year) have been introduced in 2012. If you are concerned about your son/daughter's financial future, then studying in another European country is an obvious choice.

Studying overseas gives students the chance to become independent thinkers and actors by facing the challenge of living away from home and attending a university in Europe. At most higher education institution there is a support social network in place and most European countries are connected through very good and cheap rail and airfares.

What do you know about Universities in Europe?

Research and applied science Universities in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark have very good reputations (rankings and comparable English degree courses are available for the individual universities).

The majority of Higher Education institutions will have a European Accreditation (quality) status. Many of those institutions teach in a similar educational format so that skills and qualifications are easily transferable and recognised by employers.

How much will it cost to study in Europe?

Costs of accommodation and food range between £500 and £650 per month in countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark.

Tuition fees for EU citizens are €1771 in Holland, €750 in Belgium and €720 in Germany. Denmark does not charge any tuition fees for EU Citizens.

Because of low tuition fees in European universities, scholarships are not as common but UK students are also eligible.

How does EU Study Support help?

We are here to help you make this decision, offer information and practical support tailored to your personal needs in the organisational process of finding a university course overseas.

We will give you a list of universities that meet your needs and requirements, their tuition fees, admission requirements and deadlines. We can also help you through the experience with practical support to organise the submission of the application or even offer support whilst being abroad.

See a list of fees for our services.

Send an email to with any questions you may have.
Phone us on 00 49 176 47527632 and we will return your call as soon as possible.
If you are not too far, we could even try to meet at a convenient time and place.

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